by Aryana Ahuja

While we are living in a world filled with uncertainty and unpredictability have you ever thought about the people who predicted a pandemic? Something worldwide and uncontrollable, something we didn’t have the resources for? Well some people have been warning us, for the longest time about a crisis like this.

In 2015, during a TED talk, Bill Gates stated that we were “not ready for the next epidemic” but that’s not all, in 2018 when he attended a discussion hosted in Massachusetts, he said that an epidemic could occur within the next decade. 

Gates also presented a simulation of the creation of a new flu, he said this flu could occur as a “natural disaster or weaponized disease” he finally remarked that we need to prepare for pandemics like we prepare for war.

In 2005, Michael Osterholm said “Time is running out to prepare for the next pandemic. We must act now with decisiveness and purpose” and in his book mentioned that the United States isn’t properly prepared for a pandemic. 

Similarly virologist Robert Webster expressed worry for America and its readiness for the next pandemic, “Nature will eventually again challenge mankind with an equivalent of the 1918 influenza virus, we need to be prepared.” He also mentioned that millions of people could die before we find a solution to a forthcoming global crisis. 

Jeremy Konyndyk stated in a 2017 article “At some point a highly fatal, highly contagious virus will emerge — like the 1918 ‘Spanish flu’ pandemic, which infected one third of the world’s population and killed between 50 and 100 million people.”

In 2018 Dr. Luciana Borio, former member of the White House National Security Council said “The threat of pandemic flu is the number one health security concern. Are we ready to respond? I fear the answer is no.”

A 2006 Pandemic Preparedness Plan, shared similar concerns, predicting somewhere along the liknes of 80,000 people would need hospitalization.

And finally, Psychic Slyvia Browne claimed “In around 2020, a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments.” however she had also mentioned it will disappear as quickly and shockingly as it arrived, bringing us hope for a completely Covid free lifestyle.

If only we had evaluated these ideas before our global pandemic struck, maybe we would have had more clarity and certainty about how to get through it and understand the virus better.

Aryana is very creative and loves photography, she is a passionate chef and baker. She spends her time working with friends on making new recipes. Writing is something she doesn't usually share with other people, but is excited for this all the same. She would like to discover the idea of student interviewing and would like to experiment with insider views on topics from her committee


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