By Arav Barmecha

Many of you have already heard of Elon Musk and his endeavors with SpaceX, Neurolink, and Tesla. Many people are calling him the real “Iron Man” and even the “busiest man on earth”. While these are just names, Elon Musk is living up to these speculations. Star Link was a company started by Elon Musk back in 2019. He started Starlink with the goal of providing high-speed, low-latency broadband internet across the globe. Targeting each coverage area and leaving no blind spots. 

We all can agree that a stable network was needed during the lockdown. Network issues single-handedly became the worst excuse, due to the number of network outages. The great network outage of October 12th, 2020 is a great example of this. On this day the entire city of Mumbai stopped. The city-wide outage was caused by a grid failure. 

Star Link is great for rural and remote communities. This can help rural communities gain access to network services that can betterment education. People across the globe are using Starlink to gain access to education, health services, and even communications support during natural disasters.

Recently, 40 Star link satellites were wrecked by a geomagnetic storm. This is a huge threat and could cause no network for a long period of time. This is a big risk to be taken, but the reward of high speed and low latency. 

In conclusion, Starlink has its ups and downs. It is your decision in the end. My opinion is that you should have a backup WIFI if it gets wiped out. 


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