By Ishnaa Goenka,

The Commonwealth Games are a international multi sport event game from The Commonwealth of Nations, this year the games were held at Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia from April 5th till 15th, 2018. The Commonwealth games were first known as The British Empire Games as britain ruled many of these countries in the past, and in recent years have become independent and become part of The Commonwealth of Nations. The commonwealth games happen every 4 years and is a highly competitive event. 71 countries participate in the games and over five thousand athletes compete. India is also participates in the Commonwealth Games. There are 18 number of sports played at the games, from basketball to gymnastics you’ll definitely find a sport you enjoy watching in the games. Proudly, India won 66 total medals Full of celebration and sports The Commonwealth games are one of the most enjoyable, prestigious sporting games in the world.

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