By Aaryan Gondal

Currently leading the Serie B, U.S. Città di Palermo or Palermo for short have recently been sold to a “London Based Company”. Normally, clubs being sold to other companies/people usually isn’t seen as something so important, but in Palermo’s case, there was a lot of news buzzing around this. And I’m here to tell you just exactly why, well it turns out that Palermo was sold for £10 or to be precise (£8.75).

“I have, with a lump in my throat, signed my departure.”

Owner Maurizio Zamparini had this to say, in an open letter to fans, he added:

“The objective for some time has been to find someone to continue my work with more financial power, capable of investments that I was no longer able to make.

“The new London-based owners will put into action the construction of the stadium and training ground.

“I have, with a lump in my throat, signed my departure.”

When Zamparini took over, Palermo had not been in the Italian top flight for 30 years. But they later returned to Serie A for the 2004-05 campaign, and in doing so competed five times in the Uefa Cup and Europa League under his ownership. A lot of success and development was achieved with this club under his rule. Along with this, they saw the likes of amazing players such as Edinson Cavani, Paulo Dybala, and Javier Pastore feature during the years before their unfortunate relegation to Serie B league in 2013-14. In the end, one can only hope for success to be brought to this bright Serie B team, but the price tag that this club was sold for, will surely go down in football history as one of the weirdest company-club transactions ever to be have been done.

Aaryan Gondal is a member of the Ascent Newspaper Club and a 10th grader in Ascend International School. He loves to write about sports (football in particular), technology and inspirational stories. Aaryan has been writing for the Ascent for over a year now. Through the Ascent, he informs, entertains and educates the community around him.