by Aryana Ahuja

On February 20th 2022 the NBA all – star games began. 

From Team Lebron, the starters were: Lebron James (Lakers), Giannis Anterkounmpo (Bucks), Stephen Curry (Warriors), DeMar DeRozan (Bulls) and Nikola Jokić (Nuggets) 

Monty Williams coached them. 

And from Team Durant the starters were: Kevin Durant (Nets), Joel Embiid (Philadelphia), Ja Morant (Memphis), Andrew Wiggins (Warriors) and Trae Young (Hawks).
Eric Spoelstra coached Team Durant.

Both teams were extremely powerful and dominated the court. What an interesting match, 2 teams of players who had competed for the NBA season title, now fought for the All-Star title!

The captains were chosen through a process of voting, Lebron James had 6,827,449 votes and Kevin Durant with 6,789,863.

On February 21st Stephen Curry was crowned Kia All Star MVP lifting Team Lebron to victory. 

This match went to Team Lebron with a score of 163-160 and 50 points alone were scored by Stephen Curry. 

The first quarter score was 47-45 with Lebron leading by 2 points.

The second quarter score was 46-49 with Durant leading by 3 points.

The third quarter score was 45-45 with both teams tied. 

And the final quarter score was 25-21 with Lebron leading by 4 points.

The final game score was 163 – 160 putting Durant 3 points off from the win. 

Post the game, Lebron James delivered an extremely emotional speech, where he said touching things about his relationship with the sport and the all star games, he talked about his journey and how he was ‘a kid from Akron’ just like the other players he played with that night. Here are some of the important snippets of what he said that are hard to forget. 

“I could not have dreamed of that moment, any better than the actuality that just happened.”

“I used to watch the all star game, you know 25 years ago we was 12-11 wishing that we had the opportunity or means to come up to Cleveland and see some of the greatest basketball players of all time cause they inspired us so much, and for me to be here today, my best friends, my wife, my kids, my family, my mom, there’s so many people that seen me grow from really a young toddler, to who I am today, I couldn’t picture that moment any better”

“We’re all kids from Akron, I mean you look back there and we are a group of young men who always feel like they were looked over”

“I am one of the kids from Akron that has made it, and tryna make it possible for the next generation” 

Watching the journey of how all these players progressed as legends is truly inspiring and a big congratulations to Team Lebron on an incredible journey and victory!

Aryana is very creative and loves photography, she is a passionate chef and baker. She spends her time working with friends on making new recipes. Writing is something she doesn't usually share with other people, but is excited for this all the same. She would like to discover the idea of student interviewing and would like to experiment with insider views on topics from her committee


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