Women aren’t soft and gentle as they are labeled,
They are zealous and resilient, not disabled.
Always aware & awake.
Women are not a resource to be abused.
But rather, a force to be reckoned with.

The essence of a woman is hard to describe.
She’s gone through too much,
For, girls when birthed,
Feel like they’ve been unearthed 
from the depths of soil.
That people have walked all over for years.

When will we stop the oppression?
This toxic aggression?
When will we end the hatred?
She has waited enough.

Women are like sunflowers,
Overlooked, but rise.
Taller than one could ever imagine.
When women empower other women,
They create a network nothing could surpass.
A system with unbeatable class.
Be a pillar of support, rebuild that rapport,

Then wipe away the tears

Throw away the tiara…

Samvita Amladi is a writer, editor and marketer for the Ascent. She is an activist who advocates for social equality. Samvita has been dancing professionally for 6 years. She paints frequently and has a love for animals. Samvita hopes to be a change-maker and wants to be a part of a developing world.