by Shreyan Gorantala

Sheffield United, a club, was recently promoted into the highest league in England, the Premier League. They were joined with Norwich City and Aston Villa. After nearly edging their way into the highest league in England, Chris Wilder (Sheffield Manager) and his men felt like giants. 

Sheffield had a rough start and soon found their way in the top 6 with just 2 points shy from the 4th team, Chelsea. Although Chelsea has the upper hand, with one game in hand. Going back to Sheffield’s match results,  they are going smoothly with a great comeback against Manchester United to tie it up 3-3 at the full time who looked to be the favourites in that match. Sheffield has been consistent and has a chance to show their power and go in the Europa League or maybe even the Champions League. Their keen goal scorers are David Mousset and Lundstram. They have been consistently scoring and assisting, to get them the victory in the match. Chris is an amazing manager with his strategic planning and substituting for the benefit of the result. John Fleck is also one of their star players in the team. He has contributed in goals, assists, and play-making. They have scored at least one goal in all the past 7 out of the 8 opponents they have come up against.  

Dean Henderson has kept many clean sheets ( a match where you don’t concede a goal.) and has saved crucial goal-scoring opportunities to get them the points and the position they are now on. Although sometimes, Dean makes a few blunders but makes it up in time to come. In an interview with Chris Wilder, he said that he likes the progress and discipline of the team. He included Unlike some of their opponents in the league, Sheffield takes fitness into account very seriously to ensure everyone plays and contributes to the team. They go on workout every day and follow strict diets monitoring every player. They keep in touch with every player and the exercises too. Lundstram has been an aim for many teams and wants them in the next transfer window. Chris Wilder, has made it very clear that they will not let go of any key players that have contributed to the team.

They also beat Wolves who beat the defending champions, Liverpool in both the encounters. Sheffield caused another upset to Tottenham. They gave Liverpool the league leaders and almost tied the game but a mistake from the keeper, Dean Henderson, made Liverpool win the game 1-0. Overall, Sheffield has played exceptionally well, after being promoted, from the English Football League. They are the only promoted team playing exceptionally as Norwich and Aston villa got promoted but they are not performing up to their standards in the pl. They are looking for an eye for the UEFA Champions League, the top league in football, which will give them a huge boost. They have already registered a guarantee UEFA Europa League, the second-highest league in the football world. Although some say that they will come in the Champions League and so do I. I think that Sheffield will achieve their aim, as Chelsea are starting to drop points by losing or drawing against the opponents they are put up against. Sheffield, on the other hand, is being consistent in their matches and has more possession of the ball than the other team in most of their fixtures. Sheffield has shown a major impact in the upcoming English football. 


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