Not everybody is a fan of Tik Tok which is ranked the most downloaded app on the App Store used by 500 million active users around the globe. From funny memes and entertainment to some major scandals! Let’s look at 2 opinions. 

Tik Tok is absolutely amazing because you can learn new dancing skills and display your talent for dancing! You can talk to new/different people and express your feelings in your dances! You can also keep up with the Tik Tok/Dancing trends! You can also have a hearty laugh looking at the memes. Tik Tok is also a news outlet to many people, as well as a chance to display advertisements.  You can make your account private, to ensure that strangers can’t see  your Tik Toks or you can make them completely private so nobody other than you can watch your Tik Toks. Additionally, Tik Tok is not for small children so they shouldn’t be watching! I mean Tik Tok trends like “renegade” or the “heather challenge” or “obsessed!” These trends ensure that you aren’t hurting yourself or others. 

On the other hand, you may not encounter perverts, small children may not encounter bad words in real life, but behind a screen who knows? 

One of the popular “trends” on tik tok was to digest tide pods, (an acid used to clean your clothes!) Another one of the ridiculous so called “trends” was to eat cereal out of other individuals mouths, which is unhygienic and downright disgusting! ! And finally, people actually put glycerine or chilli flakes in their eyes to cry and keep up with the so called “trend.” 

It’s 2020, the year of love, care and support and here we are on a site where people use slurs! Tik Tok star “Lil Huddy ” used an extremely racist and offensive term, yes yes he did get backlash but continued to defend himself saying “yes but I am black” when I think you and I can see the colour of one’s skin! These are the types of people who have gained over millions of followers and gained fame! 

While not everybody has the same opinions about Tik Tok, either way there are some pros and cons to Tik Tok. 

So, tell us are you for or against tik tok? 

A collection of articles by the students of Ascend International School