By Om Valia

The president of the United States, Donald Trump made a comment saying it seemed like it was Iran that was accountable for the recent attacks over the 2 day weekend in Saudi Arabian oil refineries, however, Trump says that he would like to evade war between them and Iran. 

President Donald Trump, told journalists and reporters, when they questioned him, asking him whether they want to go to war with Iran and whether he thinks that it was all Iran’s doing. Without providing substantial evidence, president Trump started saying that “we already just about knowing” and to others as well, it seemed like it was Iran who attacked Saudi Arabia.  Washington still wanted further evidence.

Trump, told reporters that he wants to most certainly determine who did this and where he was going to meet the prince Bahraini Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. The reporters asked Trump, whether he was going to ascertain who did this in the future, Trump answered saying “ we have the exact location of almost everything”. By this, he meant that they know everything and are quite certain about it, however they require just a little more evidence. 

“Despite all of this, we would like to evade war with Iran,” said Trump, he doesn’t want war with any country, but he also said that the United States is prepared and ready to defend, in time of war.

Washington has accused Tehran the capital of Iran, for the recently committed violent attacks on Saudi, which lacerated 5% of world crude oil manufacturing. Iran has rejected the assertions. 

In conclusion, Iran has placed itself in a tough spot, The US already knows and is a 100% t sure about Iran’s doings, and 5% of the oil production in the world has gone down because of the attack on Saudi oil plants. Could this possibly mean that the countries who do buy oil from Iran stop, buying it from them  There are numerous possibilities but which one is the most likely?

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