by Ishaan Shetty

As of 30th January 2022, 75% of the adult population in India were fully vaccinated, everyone felt secure and satisfied to a level, this year we had more wonderful news on the vaccination status, as new vaccination was announced for the age group of 15-18-year-olds we can see more than 3.5 crores of teenagers have been vaccinated. This comes alongside, the reduction of the omicron variant and the

The vaccination is a huge achievement for the government and to fight this pandemic but, why isn’t everyone getting the vaccine, is it the fear in their minds or religious beliefs? 

Today, still hesitant leads to asking some of the following questions: 

  • Is the vaccine safe?
  • What are the ingredients in the vaccine?
  • What if it is not effective?
  • It might harm me instead of being beneficial?
  • What if the experience is not safe and is rather threatening?

The Union Health Ministry Mansukh Mandaviya has appealed to eligible youngsters to get vaccinated at the earliest, to the nearest vaccination drive. 

The government wanted to ensure everyone has received the vaccination. Here are the experiences of our Ascend community, many 10th grade students have already been vaccinated, and here were their responses and outlooks towards this. According to Abir Gupta (15), He found the vaccination process painful, he says “The first prick, it hurt my arm for 2-3 hours but I was completely fine and normal after that” He followed to tell us about the ambiance of the place he got the vaccination, he says “not have a very positive outlook towards the ambience, unorganized and dirty and messy.” Jaana (15) said, “It felt cool to be vaccinated, did not have any kind of symptoms either, but their arms hurt for a couple of days.” followed by Diya (16) and Tara (15) who did not like the ambiance either, their arm was hurting for the next 3 days post the vaccination. 

The first step of them was to fill in the paperwork, which was just basic information about themselves, which was then followed by waiting for their turn which didn’t take much but after the dose, they were in observation for 15 minutes, which is ethical to do perhaps for any unusual instant reaction. 

These were the experiences of some teens (15-16) receiving their first vaccine dose, as we see the process might be a challenge and infuriating but it eventually is beneficial in the long run, we encourage you to get your vaccine shot as soon as possible.



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