by Sarah Kachwala and Keya Rajgarhia

In this pandemic all of our vacations have been paused since travelling is no longer safe. If you do decide to take the risk then you have to be protected from head to toe and be very safe and careful with what you touch. From the whole travelling ritual, to the experience in the flight, travelling abroad is extremely fun. However,  you have to ensure that it is safe, too. Reaching your destination is the best part of it all and being in a new place is very exciting too. Travelling is fun and a different experience for us all after the very long quarantine and below is a guide  to make sure you stay safe during the flight. 

How you travel

If you are planning on travelling to some place, let me just tell you that it is very painful because of the Covid test. What they do for the Covid test is that they take a swab test in your nose and your throat. You have to take the test one to three days before you enter the flight so that you get your test results before your flight and you don’t get it too late. Only if your test comes negative will you be allowed to enter your flight. If it comes positive you will be asked to stay quarantined and hospitalized. You need to pack lots of sanitizers and masks for safety reasons. 

Inside the flight

The flight is almost the same except everyone around you is wearing masks and PP suits. You can’t touch anything and have to try not to move on the aircraft as much as possible. The airhostess and staff all wear masks and are protected as well, so almost no germs are spread. On most flights the middle seat is left but in some circumstances the seat is taken and you have to be extra safe. Flying in the plane is fun but you have to keep in mind the safety aspect. The overall objective in an airplane is to be safe and make sure you reach your destination. 

Post Landing

After you reach, people above the age of twelve will have to do another Covid test. After that, you will be quarantined till your test results come. Only if your test comes negative will your quarantine be cancelled. If it comes positive you will be asked to stay quarantined and hospitalized. 

Safety tips

  • It is safer to go from business class or first class because it is safer since there is more social distancing and it has better sanitizing.
  • If you are a senior citizen then you should wear a PP suit 
  • Keep sanitizing your hands and wear a face shield and a mask. 
  • If there is a sink you should wash your hands at the airport and keep sanitizing your hands. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes and always keep your mask on, no matter what. 
A collection of articles by the students of Ascend International School