by Tara Hebbar and Rishi Tekchandani

“It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals.” 

Emma Watson

Are we against feminism? No. Are we against gender equality? Of course not, but we are against favouritism. Everything is good enough and required but to such an extent. Nothing is good in excess, ever. Even though not many people are against gender equality or feminism but there are some points that it has been taken too far. Gender equality and the fight for gender equality is an inspiring and important one that has brought our world two steps forward but has it become an excuse and mask for bigger issues? In many cases, feminism has become a matter of ego and of proving which gender is better. In our world, there has always been a better or worse, first or last, winner or loser but like the term ‘gender equality’ suggests, why can’t there be equals? While many women and men fight to be the better gender, very few actually feel comfortable with being equals. There doesn’t always have to be a winner, a better, and people need to see this side of the story. If there was no division, segregation between genders, couldn’t we all live harmoniously? So why don’t we life equally?

We are all for women getting their rights and being treated equally, but gender equality is slowly stretched to its extent. Attention is not equally distributed. Let’s look at this way, a privileged and well-to-do actress can use a platform like the #Metoo a  to allegedly accuse someone of harassment and ruin someone’s reputation and the entire career while an underprivileged woman living in a small village can be abused by her husband, with no means of expressing what she is going through. Again attention is not being given to the ones who actually need it. There are so many such cases, and this is a very sad fact. 

There is a social hierarchy in today’s world. How sad is it to think that a person on the top step of this hierarchy can blow up an issue that they face on such a small scale when people on the lowest of steps face the same issue on a much larger scale but have no power. For example, equal pay is something that feminists and even rich actresses fight for when they have so much money. While a person with lower and power respect has no money to fight for at all. While there should definitely equal pay for both genders, what is the motif while fighting for this? Greed or equality? 

“We think that people should accept that there are two equal genders and be satisfied with that.”

People shouldn’t use feminism as an excuse but should fight for equality in places of actual need. In many parts of India itself, men view themselves as the more important gender, and therefore leave women at home to cook, cleans and look after the children.  While this is important work, many women want to learn and work but aren’t given the opportunity or support. This is what feminists should fight for. When both genders are viewed as nothing more but equal, that is the time when we can say gender equality has been successfully achieved.

A collection of articles by the students of Ascend International School