by Tara Hebbar

After taking an entire season to move on from the loss of Tom Brady – their star quarterback with whom they bagged all 6 of their Superbowl rings, the New England Patriots seem to have their mojo back. After hearing a lot of things about being no-body without Brady, it’s definitely fair to say that they are in good contention to win their first ring without him. 

Their turn towards the road of success began with their successful draft – where they drafted Mac Jones, a quarterback from Alabama with the 15th overall pick. After letting go of Cam Newton, it became evident that he was going to occupy the Quarterback position full time. They were very lucky here because after watching him play now, every NFL (National Football League) team with the first 14 picks are questioning their choices. After having an extremely successful college football career, Mac Jones did face a rough patch during the practice games and first games of the seasons. As usual the critics were quick to jump count the Patriots out. However, after a few games to settle in with the team, a little magic of the head coach – Bill Belichick and the support of the veterans, Mac Jones now finds himself with a strong chance for rookie of the season. This is a big deal because the competition is huge with names like Trevor Lawrence and Zack Wilson in the pool. In addition to this, he has been attracting a lot of praise from the big names of the NFL. Brett Favre, legendary Quarterback from the Packers went as far as to call him a ‘carbon copy’ of Young Brady. This shows that the Patriots have some real magic when it comes to drafting winners. He has been moving up weekly in the Quarterback ratings, passing and interception ratings and looks like he might even see number 1 in some categories.

Now, not only have their quarterback troubles been sorted, but their defense has been incredible. Even though they weren’t proud of the rushing yards they let on, their defense bullied the top seeded Titans for a win in the last Sunday night football game with classic plays, catching picks, takeaways and interceptions. Head coach Bill Belichiks always been a defense guru, but this year, his defense has done nothing short of traumatising other teams. The fumbles are few and the mumbles of awe are many. The way they are currently playing and handling the ball, it’s very tough to find fault with them.

They are  also really putting out results that are breaking records. They are currently on a 6 win streak, and are on top of the AFC (American Football Conference )  leaderboard. They are also only half a game behind Lamar Jackson and the Ravens in the entire NFL rankings. They also have set a new NFL record for the highest increase in percentage of making the playoffs in a week with their chance of making the playoffs jumping by 18% in just a week. This is one of many statistics that are just backing the fact that the Patriots are really proving that they have a shot at number 7. With their next game against the Bills as Primetime week continues, Mac Jones and the Patriots will continue to be tested. If they continue to play like this though, it’s very likely that they will win their first ring with Tom Brady not in the spotlight. This season has already shown that the Patriots have very possibly found their new Brady, and with Bill Belichick at the forefront, are still a force to be reckoned with. They are currently undoubtedly the hottest team in the NFL, but will this last? 

Tara is an 10th grader who loves to sing, read, play and watch cricket, basketball and tennis, play the guitar, listen to music, meet new people, and always learn. She is very passionate about the things she writes about, and does and is always up for a debate or casual conversation. Her main goal as a journalist for the Ascent is to inform and inspire people to change their ways for the better of the world.