By Pritha Nag

After the ballots were cast on November 3rd in the United States, Americans spent 4 days counting up the votes. On November 7th it was announced by the Associated Press that the  next President of the United States was Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. The two candidates were Joe Biden and his Vice President Kamala Devi Harris of the Democratic Party and current President Donald John Trump and his Vice President Michael Richard Pence of the Republican Party. 

Joe Biden was representing the Democratic Party which is a left-wing party with liberals, progressives, and moderates alike. The Democratic Party works towards social equality, protecting the environment, strengthening the social safety net through liberalism. They support minority rights, LGBTQ+ rights, voting rights, multiculturalism and can be considered “progressive”. The Democratic Party won this election and will be the elected party for the next 4 years.

On the other side of the spectrum was Donald Trump who was representing the Republican Party. The Republican Party is the right-wing party in the US. They support lower taxes for the rich, restrictions on immigrants, gun rights, restrictions on abortions, don’t support same-sex marriage. In simpler terms, they support traditional values. The Republican Party lost the election this year. 

Donald Trump lost the elections by a 214 against 290 electoral votes. The United States is the only country that follows the electoral college system, which is a highly debated topic in the United States, as it can be argued that it gives some people more power than others. 

The electoral college is where each one of the fifty states of America has a certain amount of electoral votes. Electoral votes are decided based on population and are changed every ten years. A party can gain a maximum of 538 electoral votes, but to win a party needs only 270 electoral votes, as that is just halfway above 538. For example, Texas has a total of 38 electoral votes, and New York has 29 electoral votes. So if Joe Biden wins Texas he gets the full 38 electoral votes, no matter how close the margin is.  Joe Biden’s win was announced after the AP (Associated Press) declared that he had won Pennsylvania, which had given him 20 final electoral points which was enough to win. 

Along with Joe Biden winning, his Vice President Kamala Harris is the first woman, of Black and South Asian descent to be elected as vice president.

This is a historic event and is huge for women and people of colour.

The US elections this year was a mix of emotions for everyone, but the nation has chosen the Democratic Party as the party that will be serving the United States. The people of America have voted and decided what they want.

Pritha Nag is 9th Grader in Ascend. She loves reading and writing and channelling her thoughts and opinions through her articles. Her hobbies include, reading, article-writing and journalling. Pritha believes that everyone should use their power and platform to spread positivity and good messages.