By Om Valia

The three-year conflict between Yemen and the Houthis connection to Iran has escalated and has jostled the already poverty-stricken country, to the verge of a famine. It has left the helpless to afford only basic resources such as food and water.

“Millions of youths do not know when or if, they would be able to obtain their next meal,” said Helle Thorning Schmidt, the CEO of the organization known as Save the Children International.

“This dispute risks killing of one whole generation of Yemen’s children, including infants who face numerous threats, from bombs to starvation to avoidable diseases like cholera etc.”.

Along with all the other issues that are corrupting and harming Yemen, there is another big problem that has occurred. It is none other than the serious humanitarian situation, which is being aggravated more and more by the minute, due to the battle for the life-saving port of  Hodeidah. This issue is increasing at an alarming rate, interrupting whatever little aid that is dribbling into the country.

Having already established four million children, at a possibility of starvation, rescue the children notified on Wednesday,  another 1 million could now face famine as the Hodeidah battle further rises.

The question is now that, will Yemen struggle to get back to its earlier state? Will the children of the country get food? Or will the children just die due to a lack of nourishment? Which one will it be?



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