by Arthur F. Beaugeard

Mark Cerny, the system architect of the PlayStation video game console series, has given us a slim glimmer of hope in these dark times: A presentation outlining what we can expect with the PlayStation 5. There were a lot of questions on the minds of fans who had been eagerly awaiting this moment around the globe: How can Sony possibly improve their flagship gaming product after creating the PlayStation 4? Why should gamers buy a PS5 instead of just switching to PC?

With the long-awaited next-generation console coming out 7 years after its predecessor, Cerny promises that gamers can expect substantially improved capabilities to create and play games that previously would not have been possible. 

Cerny elaborated and said that the next PlayStation would have a strong focus on, first and foremost, enabling the developers to create new and better games. Cerny stated that every 2 years he takes

“a tour of the various publishers and developers,”

sits down, and discusses

“how they’re doing with the current console.”

The hardware upgrades have certainly enabled this console to be the fastest and most powerful PlayStation ever—an upgrade which not only allows developers to make more ambitious, groundbreaking games but one which also brings incredible ease and convenience for players. While the PlayStation 4 can load 1 gigabyte of information every 20 seconds, the PlayStation 5 could load twice as much information in less than a third of a single second. 

As the size of games increases, with 2018’s major blockbuster Red Dead Redemption 2 clocking in at over 100GB, the PlayStation 4’s storage space of 500GB has started to feel cramped. Many grouchy, grumbling, but nevertheless groovy gamers rue the low limit of games they can have on their system at one time as well as the time wasted having to delete games to download new ones. Thankfully, the PlayStation 5 has a storage of 835GB which can easily be expanded.

Along with an innovative new sound system, it seems as though these improvements along with a slew of others have truly earned the new system the title of a “next-generation” console. What remains to be seen is what games will be released on the console, and how those games will stack up to the PS4’s library, which arguably had some of the best exclusive games ever seen, boasting titles such as Marvel’s Spiderman, Horizon Zero Dawn, and The Last of Us. Buckle up, folks—things could get a little wild.

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