By Rishi Tekchandani

I am sure we’re all aware of the devastating crisis going on in the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon is burning. 

The Amazon is the largest tropical rainforest in the world, and about 60% of its 2.1 million square-mile area is situated in Brazil. It is a massive reservoir of carbon, and it is home to the largest concentration of biodiversity on the planet. It plays a major role in the region’s climate, and scientists are still learning how it affects the global climate system. It is also often referred to as the “Lungs of the World”. But, the Amazon is moving closer to a “dieback scenario” every day. 

This fire is so severe that through July 2019, over 7,200 square miles of the Amazon Rainforest has been burned down. This fire is so major, that the smoke from this fire blocked out the afternoon sun in Sao Paolo in Brazil which is 3000 kilometres from the fire in the Amazon Rainforest. If the fire keeps on spreading at this rate, the effects will be seen in India too! This cannot keep happening, because the Amazon is 1/4th of our planet’s defence against climate change, and it’s being destroyed. Not by a natural wildfire. Because Amazon is a rainforest and it’s wet and fires are not spread to this extent because for a natural wildfire a forest needs and be dry which the Amazon isn’t. 

But, the “burning” question is, who is burning the amazon? All of these fires are not accidents, they are man-made.

All of these fires are not accidents, they are man-made.

Last year in Brazil, 1.2 billion trees were sheared in the Amazon. That’s like the population of India being wiped out in just a year. Brazil is destroying their rainforests at 3 football fields every minute. Scientists today believe that one of the reasons for the burning of the Amazon is people burning down the trees they cut out for the paper, meat industries, making space for agriculture, etc. Let’s make a change today!

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