by Shreyan Gorantala

Match day one started with the battle of the champions of both division’s. Taking place on 12th September, Former Premier League Champions Liverpool, facing the Champions of League 2 Leeds United, at home. The match would be fantastic everyone thought, and it was.

Liverpool and Leeds United have only played 1 game before this game for the past three years. In that game, Liverpool had an easy win, dominating the plays and won 2-0. Liverpool were also the favourites to win. They thought this because Liverpool have won 8 games and lst to Leeds United all the way back to April 1st of 2001. Although, Leeds United have got a lot of signings from then and are looking in great form. Partick Bamford and Jack Harrison, helped the white’s (Leeds United) win the English Football League (EFL). Liverpool the men in red playing, Leeds. A tough contest was awaiting for these two champions. 

It started with a kick-off from Liverpool home ground, Anfield. Liverpool had first possession and kept going for attacks, building up beautifully. Going on to the match, an early penalty was awarded to Liverpool. This was because the handball was inside the box, and the referee did not hesitate to point at the penalty spot. It was converted by Mohammed Salah making him the second person in football to score a goal or more in the opening match 4 seasons in a row. Liverpool had control, but a simple miscommunication made Liverpool lose possession and Jack Harrison, a winger who is als one of the star players of Leeds United who was in form capitalized that by hitting a rocket behind the box, smashing the top corner. Alisson Becker was hopeless with that shot and could not save it. Harrison made the white’s get level in the contest. Right after that, Liverpool went on with another attack which was finished by Sadio Mane, the winger for Lverpool,  a cross from Scottish player, Andrew Roberston. Except it was disallowed as the Scottish was off-side and the game continued with the score still 1-1. Eight minutes after Harrison’s rocket, a corner got awarded to Liverpool from a great save by the keeper, after a shot from distance by Roberto firmino. Andrew Roberston, took the corner and whipped the ball in which was headed to the back of the net by Virgil Van Dijk. This time it was a goal. 10 minutes later, Leeds’ star and new signing last year, Patrick Bamford made the game tied again with a howler from defender Virgil Van Dijk. On the 33rd minute, Mohammed Salah scored his second hitting, a beauty, and made Liverpool lead for the third time this game. The half-time whistle blew as the game was very close with Liverpol leading by a goal.

When the second half started, minutes after Liverpool led 3-2, to opposing side Leeds. Soon, after 33 minutes of goalless play, Matuesz Klich, Leed’s midfielder,  had scored to tie the game 3 a piece. The match could go to either side, putting pressure on Liverpool. As if a life saver had come to Liverpool’s aid, in 2 minutes, before full-time as they were awarded another penalty. Leed’s players had asked for off-side and  was checked by Video Assistant Referee (VAR. After further checking it was confirmed a penalty. Salah scored his second penalty and got his hat-trick in the first game making him back in form. The game ended in a score of 4-3 with Liverpool edging past the champions of League 2, Leeds United F.C. making the premier League interesting right from Matchday 1.