By Vir Kamath

On September 8th, 2022 Buckingham Palace announced the death of Her Majesty the Queen by quietly putting up a notice board outside the palace gates and the world that England once knew changed forever. For seven decades, the Queen remained a constant in a changing world for the British population. With her death, it was the end of an era for not only the British people, but also for the Commonwealth countries as well her many admirers and followers around the world. Such was the respect she earned and commanded from everyone. 

In a statement released by the Royal Family Social media account it was said “The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon” HM Queen Elizabeth II was in Balmoral, her castle in Scotland near Aberdeen which is famous as every Prime Minister is formally appointed by the Queen at Balmoral. Queen Elizabeth II appointed a total of 15 Prime Ministers, her first being Winston Churchill and the last being Liz Truss (just two days before her death). She assumed power in 1952 at the age of 26, reigned for 70 years and is officially remembered as Britain’s longest serving monarch. On 8th September 2022, the same day of her death, news about the Queen’s health concern was shared with the British public who hoped for her recovery. However, it was not to be. 

After these headlines, all of the Queen’s children including the former Prince of Wales (Prince Charles), her grandchildren (Prince William and Prince Harry) as well as other senior royals were all present at Balmoral the same day. 

The very same evening, Prime Minister Liz Truss in her speech labeled the late Queen as 

“The Rock on which Modern Britain was built ” Multiple world leaders, including US President Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeu among others offered condolences. Many notable world leaders also attended the Queen laying to rest in Westminster Abbey, London as well as her funeral on September 19th at Windsor Castle. 

Some of the major global events the Queen witnessed include a World War, A moon landing, England’s only ever football and cricket world cup win, the discovery of DNA’s double helix, being the first Monarch to tweet and the first organ transplant among others. 

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, there were many apparent changes which occurred in the Royal Family. To begin with, the former Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) now became King formerly known as King Charles III. His son and heir to the throne Prince William is the new Prince of Wales and his wife Catherine Middleton the new Princess of Wales. For the first time in over 70 years, the national anthem will change to ‘God Save the King’. 

After the death of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh (former King Consort) and husband to the Queen in 2021, HM the Queen’s public appearances reduced dramatically. Her final major public appearance was at the celebrations of her Platinum Jubilee which celebrated 70 years of the Queen’s service to the throne. The public’s last memory of the Queen, however, was at Balmoral Castle, her beloved childhood home. Where she fulfilled her final duties by appointing her 15th Prime Minister, Liz Truss on September 6th 2022. On September 29th, the Queen’s death certificate was announced publicacly and stated the cause of her death as ‘Old Age’

She died at 15:10pm BST while her death was announeced at 18:30pm BST. 

Even though it has been over three weeks since the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II, and over 10 days since the end of her mourning period, she will be more than a memory to not only the British public but to the rest of the world. She lasted almost a quarter into the 21st century, a time period where the relevance of monarchies in the modern world is being questioned. HM King Charles III has large shoes to fill after the demise of his mother, and Britain’s former Queen. 

Vir Kamath is a 10th grader who enjoys sports, movies and current affairs. He is particularly passionate about global politics as a whole but loves to make do with Indian politics as well. He believes in honesty and friendship are his guiding principles to be a better human being. He also believes that the Ascent can make him a better and more diverse person by expressing himself through writing!