by Arjun Mehrotra

Jack Ma, or Ma Yun, a Chinese business tycoon best known for co-founding Alibaba, is missing. The billionaire was last seen in October, when he made comments criticizing the communist party in China. He has been absent from social media and the public after that speech. He also did not appear as a judge for his show “Africa’s Business Heroes” where African entrepreneurs compete for 1.5 million USD. 

After his speech calling out the communist bankers “pawnshop mentality”, the chinese government launched an antitrust investigation into Alibaba and suspended Ant groups $37 Billion IPO. The investigation has cost shares of Alibaba and wiped over $10 billion in stocks. The Asia Times quoted the Communist party saying that Jack Ma is “embracing supervision” which could mean anything from house arrest to jail. 

Ma started out as an English teacher and was part of the communist party. After co-founding Alibaba with 17 friends however, he started to travel the world and meet with American entrepreneurs. As a billionaire says “He acted more like an American billionaire than Jeff Bezos” As he dressed up as musicians and cracked jokes in front of thousands of employees. 

Many sites say that Xi Jinping is putting him under surveillance to “teach him a lesson”. Who knows when we shall see Jack Ma again?


As of editing this article, Jack Ma has resurfaced and is doing well. 

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