Trump Trying to Push Brazil and NATO Closer Together

by Arthur F. Beaugeard

Trump discussed his goals to keep Russia and China out of the Western hemisphere and the Venezuela crisis with Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro during an intimate dinner on Saturday. It’s being framed as an “opportunity to be the first fully free and democratic hemisphere in history,” according to a senior White House official, despite the strong sympathy that Jair has demonstrated for Brazil’s former dictatorship. To meet these goals, Trump hopes that NATO, also known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, can partner with Brazil. NATO states provide both political and militaristic protection for one another, and the organization was initially formed during the Cold War to protect against Soviet aggression. The USA is already forming increasing close military, political, and economic ties to Brazil.

As another senior official in the white house stated, “The next level up is association. The president had even mentioned about it becoming a full-fledged NATO member. That’s something that would really be historic. That’s nothing I would discard.” 

Trump and Jair discussed “maximum-pressure March”: A plan to enforce an international crackdown on the regime of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela and force him to relinquish his power despite the fact that he is being backed by the Russians and the Chinese. 

For now, The US and Brazil hope to form a “nonmember association agreement” with NATO, similar to what Colombia already has. If Brazil was actually accepted into NATO, it would test the geographical description of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as Brazil is firmly situated in the South Atlantic. Becoming a major non-NATO ally would ensure that Brazil could receive many of the benefits of being a part of NATO such as receiving surplus goods. In return, the USA would be able to access a satellite-launching base near the equator in Brazil, which would also give Brazil a piece of the 300 Billion-dollar-a-year satellite launching industry.

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