By Om Valia

The Turkish occupation of Kurdish-held enclaves (territory)  in northern Syria has further intricated an already disordered war. 

What started eight years ago as a group of nonviolent demurrals opposing the Syrian government smoothly changed into a global conflict, between dozens of localized dissenting groups confined to the region, the infamous terrorist organization, The Islamic State and several far-flung countries. 

Now an American consolidated ally is attacking an Islamic sodality that tempestuously fought side by side with the American army for years- and almost the entire world due to the lurching war’s unforeseen turns. 

Before proceeding further, let’s scrutinize the expounds, of how the Kurds came to be in the midpoint of a befuddled conflict.  

The Kurds are the largest minority in Syria,  forming between 5-10% of its population has been about 21 million people since 2011. They primarily reside in the northern part of the country, close to the Turkish border, abutting Arabs as well as the other ethnic groups. There is a massive Kurdish population in Turkey and other encircling countries such as Iraq and Iran. However, there is no country till now with a Kurdish preponderance. 

As tranquil demonstrations opposing PresidentBashar al-Assad who is president of Syria plummeted into an armed civil war in 2011 and 2012 miscellaneous factions. Consult for control of Syria. This encompassed pro-government, militias, mutineers fighting for a more democratic condition, Islamist terrorists, from religious and autochthonous minorities seeking to shield their lands from attack. 

Among them were many Kurdish battalions, the indestructible of which was the people’s protection units, known by its Kurdish abbreviation, the Y.P.G.  

For many years, the Obama organization withstood calls to play a straight role in the Syrian war, rather preferring grant funding and training for some insurgent groups. 

President Barack Obama had a change of mind, as ISIS took advantage of the mayhem of war to detain colossal swaths of Syrian and Iraqi territory.   

In the year 2014, the United States of America joined an international political consortium against the Islamists, orchestrating airstrikes and later mounting military bases on Syrian domain. To abet ground operations contracepting ISIS. 

As Islamic State mutineers, dashed across Syria, the people’s indemnity units, materialized as one of the few Syrian armed congregations. Unvaryingly able to handle the Islamic brainwashed extremists. When the international amalgamations, conducted by the United States, solicited local partners to restrain the militants, they saw the Kurdish troops as the fastest and safest option. 

As the Kurdish troops coerced the Islamic State out of northern Syria – misplacing an estimated 11,000 soldiers during the operation – it presumed governance of the terra firma it incarcerated. The troop in due course, took control of approximately a quarter of the Syrian region, comprising most of the border with Turkey and areas inhabited by Arabs and other autochthonous groups. 

This topic is never-ending, and constantly new updates, keep occurring therefore this article is as of 26th November 2019. 

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