This article is a part of The Ascent Summer Program 2020

By Arav Barmecha

The army is a very important job. There are brave people who join and serve our country. 150,000 volunteer to join the army each year. I have got the insight of Mr. Himanshu Mitra. His motivation to join the Army was when he was schooling in La Martiniere the Ustadz and Officers inspired him.“It was these small interactions which left a lasting impression on me”, He said. 

Mr. Himanshu, faced many challenges serving in the army. There were many adventures, ups and downs to these times but in the end it was for the love of his motherland he would tell himself.

“We in the Army develop lifelong bonds with our peers, seniors and jawans; in fact, it’s a huge family and this can also be one of the reasons for all of us to continue in the Army in spite of all odds.”, He says. 

Joining the Army Mr.Himanshu got to fight for his beloved country and defend it in a selfless manner. He joined the Army to serve his country and protect us at all costs. “ I joined the army to serve my motherland in a dignified manner”, He said. This is a great takeaway for a lot of people who are planning to join the army. 

The army is full of stuff to do, but what is it that soldiers do?  “Job in the Army is simple. To keep our country safe. Mine is no different. I need to keep myself and my team to be trained and fit to respond to my call of duty.”, Mr.Himanshu says