This article is a part of The Ascent Summer Program 2020

Aahana Khemani

New to the medical world, Dr. Amey Kamdar started his career right in the middle of a global pandemic. He shares his roller-coaster experience as a doctor in the Covid ward. The ups and the downs, the joys and the tears, the relief and the pain. 

He started his venture during February, 2020 in the K. J. Somaiya Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre. “I decided to be a doctor because I was interested in medicine as well as had a family background in medicine.” Dr. Amey Kamdar says. Little did he know, in within 25 days, he would be exposed to treating patients consumed by a deadly virus. “It was nothing compared to what we had imagined.” His part in this abhorrent pandemic was both, of a medical researcher as well as a “physical” doctor. Running back and forth, between two tedious but encouraging roles, he was motivated by the emotional moments between the patients and their families.

“In the beginning, I was always paranoid. I always had an OCD for touching dirty surfaces. So, when I started, I was a maniac, considering my job! Additionally, the most frustrating part was that we knew so little about Covid!” So many questions, but very few answers!

“But, as time passed, I became more comfortable. First, I used to be more concerned about myself than my patients… but, again, as time passed, the situation slowly turned the other way. It’s a great feeling! The other day, an 86 year old lady came in. We weren’t sure if she was going to make it… but, when we let her talk to her relatives, that moment, that feeling! It was just touchingly…” indescribable! Furthermore, what kept me stimulated was when my dad said ‘you’re still young, why don’t you treat this like an adventure?’” 

“The overall experience? Well… none of us knew how this was going to go. So, initially, it was a bit chaotic. But then we all worked together and figured it out. This whole experience taught us how to work together and find a solution! It also taught me how to be more streetsmart.”  

Coming to one of the most “wanted” questions by a lot of people, ‘how do we avoid getting Covid 19?’ Make sure you sanitize or wash your hands regularly, wear masks, avoid touching your face. A word of medical wisdom from Dr. Amey Kamdar, “The older you are, the more risk you have of catching the virus.” 

Working in the Covid Ward is definitely challenging. But, life’s all about embracing the difficulties, and working around them. A big thank you to Dr. Amey Kamdar for answering all of these burning questions! You can find his social media links down below!