by Ayraah Lodha

Over the past few years animals have been abused over and over by humans, and whether we want to accept it or not, this is a big part of the many complications we have caused in the world. Looking through petition sites all I can see is numerous people claiming justice for the animals without a voice. Today, I am going to talk about some of the most brutal things that humans as a race have done to animals and how we all need to put this to an end.

The first case I am going to tell you about, is the devastating case of a pregnant elephant. An elephant that was pregnant died in Kerala, standing in water, after she faced one of the most brutal forms of animal abuse. She ate a pineapple filled with firecrackers, offered to her allegedly by some locals. The fruit exploded in her mouth, leading to the death of her and her unborn child. The locals who have allegedly done this have not even been arrested, and did this “just for fun.” The disparity between sentencing people in our country is humongous. The law in India does not assign long prison sentences to wildlife crime as of now. There should be a fear amongst the killers of these innocent creatures, who must know that they may not go home alive, and would be shot even if they surrendered.

The next case I am going to talk about is based on Chunky, a chihuahua. He was tortured for hours and hours at a time being beaten, drugged, set on fire. He had a broken neck, but besides all this he managed to survive. Just imagining the consequence that would have been put on those people if they had done this to a human is crazy. There needs to be a law that has rights for animals, and makes the consequences much bigger. The people who have done this and were only banned from KEEPING animals for 5 years. There is NOTHING there to prevent them, and so many others to do this to animals again!

Much like the case of the elephant, there needs to be a law that makes the killer/torturer afraid. There should also be a law in place for them to never own an animal again, and in a severe case like this, for them to even be sentenced to death. If this would have happened to a human, the abuser would have been hung in the next hour itself. We need to start treating animals with the care and respect that they deserve.

The last case I am going to talk about is not a case, but a form of abuse. Multiple animals are being harmed each year especially in the U.K., as the government just passed a law allowing beagles to be tested on. This includes tests with drugs, chemicals and other things that harm them. Giving them things like burns and diseases. It seems so despairing to me that people can harm others for their own benefit. If humans cannot be tested on, neither should animals!

We need to have multiple laws passed to stop the abuse in our everyday world, and to bring justice to the voiceless animals. Together, let’s make a change in the world.