by Madhav Somaiya

Animal Cruelty is a pressing issue in our society. From things like training pets cruelly, to killing animals for decoration. This article will tell you about all the things that have been happening to animals and what you can do to help.

An incident occurred when a woman was charged with $20,000 because she treated dogs, cattle, ducks, etc. very badly.  When they were found they were malnourished and badly wounded. They had not eaten in months and had become very thin. 

There was another instance where a dog was thrown off a roof for a Social Media video in Chennai. The dog was thrown off a terrace of a five storey building, after being stolen. The person who threw it got a ‘thrashing’ from his parents after the incident.  However the lack of any authoritative action by the police is worrying. This incident occurred on the 5th of July 2016. Remarkably, the dog has made a full recovery and is happy with her new family. The dog now goes by the name ‘Bhadra’ which means ‘Blessed’ in Hindi. 

Video: Please note it could be very very disturbing, Dog being thrown off the building. Here is the same dog’s speedy recovery. 

We can help these animals. Some organizations such as World for All and World Welfare Association help dogs and other animals. You can pay a visit to their shelters to adopt one of these dogs;

You can make a difference on your own by confronting the people you know that are creating negative impacts to animals. 

WFA (World for All) Number: +91 9820001506

WWA (World Welfare Association) Number: +91 09757322901