Aahana Khemani and Ayraah Lodha

Ariana Grande, one of the biggest pop sensations of all time is engaged once again! Ariana has had great success so far, and has received several different awards and honours for her musical talent. Her debut album Yours Truly went No. 1 on the charts and the same year, she won the AMA award for Best New Artist. Her talent has allowed her to be asked to perform at the White House Women Of Soul concert. She has inspired so many, she even won the iHeartRadio Music Young Influencer Award! Not only does she possess a flair for music, but also for acting! She’s performed on Broadway, TV and even made an appearance in many role plays of late night shows. However, this article is not about her singing and acting history, but her relationship history. 

Ariana, known as “Ari” to her fan base of millions, was once engaged to comedian Pete Davidson, which came to an end after a messy break up. Ariana has mentioned him in many of her songs including huge hits such as, “thank u, next.” The song featured lyrics such as “Even almost got married, and for Pete I’m so thankful.” She had lyrics about all of the people that she had been with in the past. She also created a song called “pete davidson.”  Fans claim their relationship came to an end as their relationship was moving too fast, after being together for just 5 months, they were engaged, they were both also in serious relationships previously. Pete also 

stated that he began shopping for rings as soon as he met Ariana. However, this relationship came to an unexpected end. Ariana’s family did not approve of Pete, and Pete’s family didn’t approve of Ariana. Seemed like the relationship just wasn’t meant to be, and Pete wasn’t her “True Love.” 

Now Ari is engaged to real estate tycoon Dalton Gomez! After first being spotted making out in a bar in California, Ari confirmed her relationship with Dalton in her music video “stuck with you.” It is also guessed by fans that Ariana’s song “positions” is related to Dalton. However, post dating for approximately one year, Dalton proposed to Ari! Dalton proposed to Ariana with a beautiful ring that had a significant meaning. In one of Ariana’s 2018 social media posts, she posted a picture of a ring with a pearl. The tagline mentioned “nonna had a ring made for me w/ the pearl from grandpa’s tie pin. she says he told her in a dream it’d protect me. <3” The ring that Dalton gave her, had this pearl on it paired with a majestic diamond! 

To conclude,  it looks like Ari and Dalton are happy as can be and are “stuck with each other” forever. Let’s hope their relationship has no “problems.” All jokes aside, let’s hope that they have a strong relationship and are happy together!

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