Join the family once more!


By Nayantara Piramal

Modern Family is a popular television series that has been going on since 2009! It ended with its final season (season 9) in 2017, but it appears to be that is not the complete end of it. The season premiere of its tenth season will be out on the 26th of September, 2018. The new season has caused much excitement amongst fans, and we cannot wait to see what it will bring to us. However, fans are fearful too, for it is said that one of the beloved family members has died and will not appear in the new season. The only thing has been said by the casting directors is that it is one of the “significant characters” and their death will change the whole storyline for season 10. We can’t wait to know who it will be, but we don’t want to either. For anyone who doesn’t know what Modern Family is about, it is a hilarious series about a diverse family, and taking a sneak peek into their lives to see what they are up to, and the everyday challenges they face in their lives. This huge joint family comprises of so many members who are all so different, it’s just intriguing to see how they deal with issues differently and what they agree and disagree about. It involves comedy, connections to reality for sure, and also emotional lessons however small they might be. I would really recommend this series, as it is a pleasant watch and one you can never get tired of. For those of you who are already fans, I’m sure you cannot wait for another season of chaos, fun, comedy and teamwork!

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