by Aryana Ahuja

Recently Pfizer opened vaccinations against Covid 19 for children as young as age 5, they have also opened booster shots for adults from 16 up. I traveled to the United States this winter to get the shot and I know a few others who have as well, here are some of their stories. 

After we landed in San Francisco, California the first thing my mom and dad wanted to do was take us to get the vaccine. During summer break of the school semester 2020-21 my family had traveled to California to get my parents first and second vaccines. When we found out we were eligible to get the shot, it was a quick, 4 and a half week trip around the world, last summer my parents got vaccinated and we truly noticed the nature of how much the government wanted everyone vaccinated, in fact, my mom got her first and second dose at a drive – thru vaccination clinic and my dad took one at CVS and the other at Target! Shortly after my arrival in the United States, my parents took me and my younger brother (age 9) to get the first dose. We went to the local hospital and had to follow a line to get into the vaccinating clinic, where people were organized as per the vaccine they were taking and how old they were. After we got in, I got the shot and was sent for observation in a socially distanced room with other people, the process was smooth and easy. We then were permitted to go home after 15 minutes that night. My arm was sore but nothing too unbearable and it was an expected symptom. Some places were only allowing fully vaccinated people and children older than 12 so I was stuck. We support the Golden State Warriors and barely get to see their basketball games so my mom thought it would be nice to take I and my brother to watch one, however I am older than 12 years old and I still hadn’t taken the second shot as it hadn’t been the right amount of time, this was the government’s way of getting people vaccinated I assume. On January 4th me and my brother got our second dose and my parents got the Pfizer booster shot. The process was the same and we were in and out in a half hour, but the morning of the 5th me and my parents were tired and slightly down (expected symptom) however, my little brother was fine. Now I am fully vaccinated like many others and can’t wait till the world is back to normal.

Lara Phul (age 12)

“I got the Pfizer vaccine at my local CVS ( pharmacy). I personally hate needles, so of course I was a bit scared going into this. The first shot hurt a lot while being injected, and I had severe arm pain afterwards (which is an expected symptom of course) The next morning I had woken up with a very mild fever, but got over it in a few hours… 2 weeks later when I had to get my second shot, the needle was oddly much more bearable, and I felt nothing afterwards. I had no arm pain, fever, soreness or anything! Getting the vaccine was an important thing for me to do for the safety of me, and those around me.”

Aryana is very creative and loves photography, she is a passionate chef and baker. She spends her time working with friends on making new recipes. Writing is something she doesn't usually share with other people, but is excited for this all the same. She would like to discover the idea of student interviewing and would like to experiment with insider views on topics from her committee


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