By Sakshi Kale, 

One Day At A Time is a Netflix original and an American web-series that stars Justina Machado, Todd Grimmel, Marcel Ruiz, Rita Moreno and Isabella Gomez, who are a “Latinx” family. The mother in this show Penelope Alveraz, played by Justina Machado, is actually a war veteran; is also divorced from a drunkard. This show recently released its 3rd season consisting of 13 episodes full of laughter and ways to solve real problems. They use this show as a medium to portray how racism, sexism, toxic masculinity, mansplaining works in the world and also really supports the LGBTQ+ community.

The racism is shown through how Alex, Marcel, a teenager boy is told “to go back to Mexico”, just because he was a little dark skinned. They are able to show that it is not okay. Adding on, Elena is a girl who is in touch with the environment and really stands for gender equality. The creators of the show also made Elena a lesbian girl, and are able to really prove her pain and the judgement she goes through.

Teenagers gain a lot of knowledge about social problems due to this show.

The credits of the show have to be given individually as well. The quality and realisticness of the show are honestly because of Elena. She really has a unique side for a teenager and breaks the stereotype of a teen girl. Here again, Alex also really breaks the stereotype of a boy who doesn’t care about his looks and doesn’t have time for his grandma. He, in fact, is completely the opposite… he only cares about his looks and is invested in his grandma, Lydia. That is another dynamic duo to the show that takes everyone’s heart! The humour in the show wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Lydia and Penelope. I think everyone needs to agree when I say that Schnieder stole all of our hearts with his charm and his jokes!

Teenagers gain a lot of knowledge about social problems due to this show. All in all, this show covers all the parts of a good TV show, and it can also be watched as a family.

Sakshi Kale is in the 8th grade. One of her prominent hobbies is dancing. She has been dancing her whole life and has been focusing only on Odissi for the past 8 years. She has a great aptitude for music and drama as well. She also enjoys writing essays. She can’t sing but plays the piano beautifully. Along with all of this, she is learning kickboxing. She has fun when everyone is together and united. She is a big feminist and feels strongly for gender equality. She also stands actively for the LGBTQ+ community.