by Pritha Nag

Coronavirus has taken over our world. It has taken over our lifestyles and the way we live. With the recent occurrence in Mumbai of the rapidly spreading disease, it has caused people to change their lives. The coronavirus is a virus that popped up at the end of December 2019 in a seafood market, in Wuhan, China. The deadly virus has spread across the globe, affecting the majority of the countries in the world. With around 1.4 million cases all around the globe, the virus hitting India has caused many schools, restaurants and offices to be shut down to prevent the further spread of the virus. 

Schools in Delhi shut down at the end of February after the virus came to India. This had caused panic to rise and the question being asked– would schools shut down in Mumbai? Around mid-March, it was announced by the government that all schools would shut down. With all of us having no idea what we were going to do, life as a self quarantined student has been different. 

As the academic year still has two months left, we are required to strictly follow the school schedule by doing online school, it’s new for almost all of us and has its ups and downs. Online school goes on from 8:30-3:10 with us all saving time from our commute and all of us getting some extra time. 

The rest of the day passes by, with us filling up time doing small assignments that have been assigned. Video calling friends and talking, hanging out with family, playing board games, watching hours on end of Netflix and reading. We also are under the watchful eye of our parents all the time and have to be careful that we don’t run into some extra work to do. 

Why don’t we all decide to use this time well! In our lifetimes we may never experience something like this again, and we should take it one day at a time. Try to maintain positive thoughts at all times, and stay optimistic. We can fill our days with doing tasks that we have been putting off for months, we can use this time to grow closer to our family or maybe doing something that you’ve been dying to do, but have said that you don’t have enough time. 

Let’s all try to make the best of this “coronacation”. We can choose to fill our days with doing mindless things, or we can choose to spend it in a way that would make us feel happier and productive. This is a bad situation, but there’s no denying that we can make the best of this. 

Pritha Nag is 9th Grader in Ascend. She loves reading and writing and channelling her thoughts and opinions through her articles. Her hobbies include, reading, article-writing and journalling. Pritha believes that everyone should use their power and platform to spread positivity and good messages.