By Aryana Ahuja

“I Thought I Could Change My Name, Start A New Life… But I Could Never Escape His Shadow.” – Shang Chi

On September 2nd 2021, Shang Chi And The Legend Of Ten Rings was released. The movie has astonishing reviews on rotten tomatoes, an American review site and in my opinion it is quite definitely a movie to watch.

Overall the movie was really well balanced, with plenty of funny dialogue and a fair amount of fighting and magic which showed its connection to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). The story is based on love and a next level fight for loved ones,mind games and trickery, how love can make you do things for other people and change your perception of the world. The legend of ten rings delivers a deep, heavy and meaningful message that everyone should learn from. The friendship between Katy, played by Awkwafina, and Shang Chi (Shaun), played by Simu Li, was extremely inspiring. Their bond was strong and like no other, Katy stuck by his side through the whole movie, no matter the hardships. That is the epitome of friendship. She discovered so many new things about her best friend.. Her comical personality and occasional jokes made her character quite memorable.

The statistics and directing of the movie is done extremely well, from the soundtrack with modern, handpicked songs to keep the flow of the movie smooth, all the way to choice of wording and language, this film has got it all!

Shang Chi is truly an amazing person. Having been through a lot, he always puts on a smile and has fun with Katy all the time. The two have an amazing bond. Shaun is an inspiring leader, older brother and friend, he is down to earth and strategic, perfect for the Avengers.

My favorite scenes from the movie usually include Katy in them, she is a sweet, hilarious soul, who just knows her way in the world. Katy is rambunctious, fun and down to karaoke any night. Katy stealing the car and driving around like a true Avenger is one favorite. During the bus fight Katy was a true star and trooper, cracking jokes to keep you on your toes all the time. “Your name is Shang Chi and you changed it to Shaun?”

(FunFact: Awkwafina had to learn to drive for the movie). 

Wenwu (The Mandarin) was quite the trickster,deceiving everyone and sneaking through traps, he deserves an applause. Wenwu and Li fighting in the beginning of the movie was more like a love scene than a fight, I know my whole family couldn’t depict whether or not they were showing affection or violence. Without his participation in the movie it just wouldn’t be the same. 

One change I know a lot of people were hoping to see with the MCU is the use of LGBTQ characters and with Shang Chi being a newer movie I believe they should have incorporated this element to elevate the movie and make it more relatable and diverse. There was a little diversity in characters but not much, maybe Shang Chi’s best friend could have been another race or LGBTQ but aside from that the movie was one to watch!

The last scene with Bruce Banner(Hulk) and Carol Danvers(Captain Marvel) was a perfect way to finish the movie and pave the way for what is to come. The order of events was clear and well illustrated. Cheers to the director (Destin Daniel Cretton) for an extremely successful, enjoyable movie, with love and violence and the perfect balance of both, I know Marvel Fanatics and first time watchers have both loved this film.

Aryana is very creative and loves photography, she is a passionate chef and baker. She spends her time working with friends on making new recipes. Writing is something she doesn't usually share with other people, but is excited for this all the same. She would like to discover the idea of student interviewing and would like to experiment with insider views on topics from her committee


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