By Arjun Mehrotra

Did you know that plants don’t need soil to grow? Hydroponics is a way of growing plants without soil that people have recently been using a lot. Let’s look at hydroponics and learn more about them since Hydroponics are expected to become a big market, says 2025, the Hydroponic market is expected to grow to $16 billion!

Plants make food through photosynthesis in which they get minerals from the soil and sunlight, however, they do not need the soil itself, only the minerals in it, so people grow plants in a mineral rich solution which lets them grow. So Hydroponic plants can grow without soil.

One of the benefits of growing hydroponic plants is that there are fewer pests. Many pests live in the soil and when you eliminate soil the pests go away. This is a link to an article that talks about the harmful effects of pests. Hydroponic plants are also good because they let you control the environment and light and water supplied. As there is no ground required for growing plants so they are perfect for growing indoors. It also is very space-efficient as you can make vertical farms. However, a drawback is that it is very expensive to get all of the materials needed to grow hydroponic foods. It is also hard to set up as it requires a lot of techniques that can be hard to set up.              

During the COVID-19 pandemic peoples priority is safety, so a lot of people have been growing food at home and have adopted the hydroponic method. People found that growing their own foods was better than relying on imported foods. Although, a problem that people quickly faced is that waterborne diseases, such as Fusarium Wilt are transmitted more easily, and faster.

I personally think that hydroponics are better for the environment and their pros heavily outweigh their cons, as we can grow more plants, more efficiently and on large scales it will be very beneficial.

According to, the hydroponic market is expected to grow very fast in the coming years as countless more people and companies are adapting to the system of growing plants at home. In conclusion, hydroponics definitely have some problems but help people grow plants at home and with more efficiency than with growing foods in fields.

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