By Sakshi Kale,

A few months ago, a young Swedish girl, Greta Thunberg came upon TedTalks and spoke about how she did a school strike for the environment. In this case, she wasn’t wrong. Her reasoning was that, if no one is doing anything to save the environment today, what is the point of going to school and studying for a future that won’t exist.

62 million tonnes, this is the amount of waste generated only in India! And there are 194 other countries in the world. Together, imagine how much waste there is being created? And at this point, there is no point of just giving people ways to solve it. Because there already are, in fact, there are millions. But no one is taking the step to implement them. It feels like everyone has just given up the hope of having a future! Is that it? Even if we had hope, even a little hope, it won’t suffice. Because no one is taking any action.

After watching Greta Thunberg’s TedTalk, I actually questioned, “why am I going to school?” There are two ways our future is going to go- 1. AI will take over all of our jobs and 2. The world is going to end. So why am I studying? Is it to solve the bad environment? But that has been solved, it’s just that no one is going ahead with the solutions. I am actually studying because people have hope. People have hope that me, my siblings, my children have a future. Sadly, the truth is that we don’t, we’re doomed to end in such a world. The truth is I probably won’t live to see the year 2075.

If people, my parents, want me to have a future, then everyone needs to just stop. Stop saying that they will, and then forget about the environment the next day. They need to start actually taking actions and following the solutions that climate scientists are giving us. Because if we don’t, adults please do not expect to see your grandchildren, and kids don’t expect to see a 3.0 version of Fortnite.

So girls and guys, drop what you are doing in school, and strike! We need to fight for our future. But just by striking, it’s not going to happen- that is just a part of raising awareness. If you really care about this, our future… we need to stop energy and fossil fuels consumption, stop using plastic, start carpooling; we have so many options. If we do all this, maybe, just maybe I will be able to think about living in the year 2090…

Sakshi Kale is in the 8th grade. One of her prominent hobbies is dancing. She has been dancing her whole life and has been focusing only on Odissi for the past 8 years. She has a great aptitude for music and drama as well. She also enjoys writing essays. She can’t sing but plays the piano beautifully. Along with all of this, she is learning kickboxing. She has fun when everyone is together and united. She is a big feminist and feels strongly for gender equality. She also stands actively for the LGBTQ+ community.