By Arjun Mahajan

2018 has been the most eventful year of my life. I became a teenager officially, I got to perform at several musical gigs as I am really passionate about music and play various instruments. I have been playing music for the past nine years. I made a lot of new friends but above all, I moved from “the millennium city” to “the maximum city”. Gurgaon. My dad was transferred to Mumbai two years ago but my mom and I were not sure about our move then. But this year in August, we came across Ascend and that made us reconsider our decision.

“Gurgaon gives you a lot of space and Mumbai has no room to breathe.”

I got to know that this is a really good school for students who like creating, questioning and researching. After spending a day at the school and meeting some amazing classmates and teachers, I was sure that this is the school for me. Yes, it was going to be hard to stay away from all my new and old friends in Gurgaon, but I chose to look at this situation in a positive way and decided to move. I am really excited to be at this school and I’m hoping I’ll have a great time! I know I will, only time will tell…

A collection of articles by the students of Ascend International School