by Rishi Tekchandani

I’ve visited the United States of America twice, for about a month each time. And  I just love it there. The first time I went to the East Coast. But this summer I visited my aunt in Pacifica. And I fell in love with the place. They say “home is where the heart is.” And trust me, I left my heart in Pacifica. 

Pacifica, in California, is the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to. The mountains, the houses, the roads, the fog, the flora & fauna, everything about Pacifica just gives me happiness. When I’m there, I feel at home. When I’m there, I feel safe. When I’m there, I feel calm. When I’m there, I feel delightful. I remember sitting on the deck, feeling relaxed and amazed by the nature that surrounded me. Pacifica has a wide array of vegetation and greenery. 

Some people may not even know of Pacifica, and you’d think that a small town like Pacifica wouldn’t have some of the most top-notch brands or facilities. But Pacifica is an exception. At first, when my aunt told me where she lived, I didn’t know of Pacifica and didn’t think it would be as good as San Francisco or Los Angeles. And I was right, it’s not, because it’s way better than all of them. It is unlike any other typical town. There’s no constant honking, the roads are so beautiful, there are so many friendly people. And most of all, it has a very diverse culture.

There are also so many big and famous restaurant joints as well as some really nice small ones. And I’m a very fussy eater. But the different things I tried every day in Pacifica were so amazing. Every day, we went to a different small restaurant joint to try new things. 

I still remember the rows of houses on the side of the roads and on edges of mountains. They were all so beautiful. My aunt stays in a very quaint and spacious bungalow. The architecture of most of these bungalows is very similar. Looking at the way these houses were made, appealing on the outside and attractive on the inside, just wowed me. In India, there are mostly just buildings. So all of that was very fascinating for me. 

I’ve always been fond of cooler weather, which is obviously the complete opposite of India’s weather. Although I love everything about Pacifica, the weather was one of the best things. I loved waking up in the morning, in my blanket and everything is really cosy. I loved going biking in the mornings in the pleasant weather. 

Even though I’m not in Pacifica right now, I feel like a part of me is always there. Every morning when I wake up and I look out the window, I picture the view out from my bed in Pacifica. The birds chirping, and the tranquillity. It calms me down. Because after all, Pacifica is always in my heart and Pacifica will always have my heart. 

Rishi is a hardworking student, who is very passionate about . the newspaper club. He strives everyday for student's voices to be heard. He is . in the student council and hopes to read more this year