by Anika Mahansaria

The Mumbai rains have affected a lot of people and have them put their day to day lives on hold. We have had the opportunity to go home and not stay in school, but what about the people whose houses got flooded or washed away? 

Flights and trains were cancelled as the Mithi river threatened to overflow. The people staying in low areas surrounding the river were evacuated and sent to a safer environment. Along with this, there were stampedes like situations in the Ghatkopar and Thane railway stations. This was due to a large number of commuters at the stations, crowding the place. The BMC also made shelters for stranded commuters. 

 Areas like Sion, SV Road and Andheri had the most water clogging, with the water levels rising up to 3 feet. 

There was also a red alert advising people to stay in their houses and not leave unless urgent. This happens every year and yet the government fails to rectify the situation. The suburbs are the areas that get flooded year after year. We always hope that the government can fix this so that it doesn’t happen the next year, but for the past couple of years the rains have been of a similar manner. Houses in low lying areas end up getting flooded. Why can’t a better drainage system be put in place? 

The Mumbai rains this year were particularly long and heavy, so why doesn’t our government anticipate this and come up with viable solutions each year? Guess we might never know. Let’s just hope that the rains next year will be more tactically handled. 

Anika Mahansaria is a 8th grader who loves performing. She is passionate about her work and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. A few of her interests include dancing, acting, and singing. Her hobbies are cooking, baking and reading. Anika writes for the Ascent because it gives her an audience where she can freely express her views.