by Neel Gupta

Travel is opening in India! British citizens can now travel to India but they will have to undergo quarantine for 7 days at minimum and take COVID-19 tests before exiting quarantine. This rule was published a couple of days after the UK eased travel restrictions for double vaccinated Indian citizens.

Air traffic could possibly reduce in to India after festival ‘Diwali’ as most families, as crowding and gatherings can lead to a potential spike in COVID-19 cases.  There has also been tension between the UK and India over the Indian-made AstraZeneca covid vaccination. The UK used to refuse to recognise the Indian vaccine ‘Covishield’ even though the doses were identical to the ones given to millions of UK citizens.

BBC News states that “According to a release by the Indian government, earlier guidelines dated 17 February will now be applicable to all travellers arriving in the country from the United Kingdom”.

If you are travelling to the UK with a double dose of the Covishield Vaccine you will no longer need to quarantine in the UK, this rule also applies to other Vaccines approved by the UK such as Pfizer, SpikeVax, and Johnson & Johnson.

Alex Ellis, British High Commissioner to India, Posted from his official Twitter handle, “No quarantine for Indian travellers to UK [who are] fully vaccinated with Covishield or another UK-approved vaccine from 11 October. Thanks to Indian government for close cooperation over last month.”


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