This article is a part of The Ascent Summer Program 2020

By Samvita Amladi

It’s no secret that our lives will be altered after this transformative experience. But, is there a part of life before that is still salvageable?

We can all agree that life hasn’t been normal. With the exception of the pandemic, we can all guarantee that we have faced at least a few of these peculiar instances. This includes some insomnia, vivid dreams, and sometimes where life doesn’t feel real. With the current state of the Earth, times are changing and we will have to accept the new normal. 

In my opinion, change is right for humanity. Of course, there are experiences that we will not get to share with the generations after us, but on the other hand, there are times where we will see the world changed for the better! Take, for example, Vietnam, after seeing the damage Covid-19 has caused, the government of Vietnam is trying to ban the consumption of exotic meat. This includes dog meat, cat meat and others. Although there is a pause in time, there is a chance that we can develop our countries more than we would be able to without this pandemic. With most sitting at home we can already see animals returning to their natural habitats and thriving without the hindrance of humans. 

But what happens when this finally ends? Will extroverts have been converted into introverts? Will the lack of conversation with strangers dumb down our communication skills? How will we cope with public speaking? Will the babies that are born in 2020 have the same exposure to life that we have had? This uncertainty is the life built for humans, where nothing is proven to be true without a fact. I hypothesize that it will feel like a hibernation of sorts, waking up to a world where running free feels different. I myself have seen myself observing and appreciating the small things, which might be a little cliche at this point. But, it’s still true. 

We have seen the impact Gen-Z has had on the world. We now know our true potential. That soon we have to rise to the occasion because the injustice we have faced cannot carry on. That we cannot romanticize the idea of depression and sadness no matter how much of an aesthetic it may be.

We have seen the toll it can take on the world, to stay inside, to not have physical contact.  We are trying to establish a new normal, where being politically correct is a given. The Black Lives Matter movement has put our brains in a mode where we cannot go back. Where the advancement of opinions, boundaries and standards are at a higher rate, almost put on fast forward because this is a time where we can accept change better. 

We are moulding the world for ourselves and for our peers because the world we want to go back into is the world we want to grow up and thrive in. It will not be a perfect world but we want to make it equal. We want the idea of equality to appeal to society instead of hate, instead of all that has stopped us from developing. Instead of viewing lockdown as a hurdle, we should view it as a catalyst for empowerment and equality.

Samvita Amladi is a writer, editor and marketer for the Ascent. She is an activist who advocates for social equality. Samvita has been dancing professionally for 6 years. She paints frequently and has a love for animals. Samvita hopes to be a change-maker and wants to be a part of a developing world.