By Rishi Tekchandani

Animal Abuse is very common in today’s world. Animals are tortured every single day, by all different kinds of people for several different reasons. People torture animals for fun, to remove their stress/anger, for the production of different kinds of luxury items, medicines or even because they have psychiatric issues. Whatever the reason is, animal abuse is just not okay.

These animals that humans torture every day, are also living beings and have a right to live and enjoy their life as much as we do.

It hurts me to see different documentaries and images of animals being abused and tortured. 

Many people abuse, kill or torture animals, including their own pets. There have been several case studies of not only students, but also adults torturing their pets, hitting them, and throwing them around just for fun. I’ve seen all kinds of videos all over the internet about owners torturing their pets or stray animals. To name some: Recently, there was a video of a man burning his dog alive, he was filming while doing it. There was a video of a couple of students who threw a stray dog off the top of a building for fun, etc. 

But this isn’t the only animal abuse that occurs. A lot of animals are also abused and tortured for fur, leather and different parts of their body. Some of the most respected brands’ best selling items are fur/leather products. To have such large quantities of these items being produced requires a lot of material. Which in turn leads to torturing a lot of animals!

Animals are also tortured to get meat. All different kinds of animals, right from when they’re born are captured and violently killed to produce meat. And most of the people in the world today eat meat. According to earlier research, it is proven that one of the reasons dodos went extinct was due to their excessive consumption by humans. And the same could happen, for any other animal if such practices are continued to be carried out. 

So readers, even the smallest initiative taken by one single person makes a difference. Say no to excessive consumption of meat. Meat may be really tasty, but lesser consumption of it than usual helps so much. I grew up eating non-vegetarian food and loved it so much. I loved eating meat. But as I grew up, I realised the value of these animals and that every organism should have the right to live. I started supporting vegetarianism, I cut down on my meat slowly and now I almost never eat meat! The last time I had meat was probably a year and a half back. Honestly, in my opinion, having meat once in a while is no problem, but shouldn’t be consumed excessively. I’ve now been a vegetarian for almost 3 years although I consumed meat maybe once a year, but a complete vegetarian for a year and a half. And I’ve had no problem, I  feel much better about myself because I contributed to lesser animals being tortured and I still live a healthy lifestyle. I tried cutting down on all things fur and leather and my life is still the same and I’m still very happy. So say no to fur and leather items/products. And lastly, say no to abusing animals for one’s own pleasure, and make sure to take action against someone else doing it. 

Rishi is a hardworking student, who is very passionate about . the newspaper club. He strives everyday for student's voices to be heard. He is . in the student council and hopes to read more this year