By Mihika Kapoor

With new government’s, power vacuums, proxy wars and nuclear threats the world isn’t as safe as we would believe it to be. Powerful countries like the US, China, Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, India, Turkey, Iran and many other countries with internal conflicts have been taking steps or may get involved with an international war that may put thousands of people at risk.

Take Turkey’s leader, President Recep Tariq Erdogan has been in power since 2002, and by doing so he is governing the country to his benefit. President Erdogan has been suppressing his people and reducing their contact with the outside world by getting rid of social media platforms. Some of the locals are getting irritated by this controlling dictator who brands himself as a ‘President.’

Russia’s Vladimir Putin has been in power since 2008, and to ensure his regime will continue he has extended the presidential term from 4-6 years. Puttin has been involved the Syrian War and has been participating in a proxy war with the US. Putin has rejected the ceasefire Idlib initiative taken by President Erdogan, which may lead to future conflict. The US has successfully offended many nations, China included.

President Trump created the Trump trade Wars, however when he decided to heavily tax Chinese goods China started fighting back. Both the countries economies had suffered just because the rulers/leaders of the international superpowers wanted to have a showdown. 

China has been caught shipping weapons to Pakistan before, and this new found friendship will make this meeting seem a whole lot more serious. I think these countries may be conspiring an invasion of Kashmir and have publicly stated that they had this meeting to in ‘strengthen strategic cooperation.’ Since India and Pakistan are nuclear states, and have a rough history I think the US and Russia will pit India against Pakistan to fight another Proxy war, as neither one of them seems to be profiting by still be involved in the Syrian conflict. It is predicted that if Pakistan and India have a nuclear war, the radiation will affect most of Asia’s crops and will induce famines, creating another devastating global humanitarian crisis. I believe North Korea may have a role to play as the leader has met with the Presidents of China and the US, we just don’t know which side they would pick. President Trump had publicly accused the US accused North Korea about planting a spy-bot in their system on 7th September 2018, which may suggest which country North Korea will side with.

North Korea hasn’t responded yet, and their silence is extremely painful, but we know nothing of this mysterious nuclear country. With Russia also gunning for the US, which will involve many other nuclear countries in a war, I think the Cold War will cease to exist and a global nuclear one will start. I have talked to a few people from Istanbul, India and the US, about this topic. Out of all of the interviews, one specific one stuck with me, actually just a simple quote:

‘With these nuclear superpowers and all this hate and intolerance in the world, we are currently living in the build-up of World War 3’’