By Veda Rodewald

Mumbai. One of the largest metropolitan cities in India. When we think of Mumbai, we think of films, shopping, fancy malls etc. A city full of resources and place to house and educate millions. We never take a moment to think about the unfair treatment in the educational system or whether all children are receiving the rightful and good quality education that they deserve. India all together has a literacy rate of 74.04%. But Kerala has a literacy rate of 93.91%. It is certainly not as fancy of state as the others, but still managed to have one of the highest literacy rates among all the states. Why this difference?

           Looking outside the window all I see are children of the slum roaming around wasting time whereas they could be using it to study and become something in life. Yes, we have municipal schools and other such small institutions which may come across as sustainable. This although, leads me to my next point which is, why does there have to be such a segregated school going community. This may only be my opinion but honestly there is no need to have schools where parents pay unaffordable prices just to get high quality education. Isn’t a good education every child’s right?

Isn’t a good education every child’s right?

If we look at a country like Germany, then all we see is a really good system. All public schools are free of any costs apart from stationary and this is why most families prefer these schools. In a public school where one receives a good quality education in an environment where we cannot tell who’s family is wealthier or who lives in a temporary shelter. People still get an education, sometimes even better than what we get in schools here in India, despite paying a large amount of money and perhaps Everyone should be treated equally as well. India needs to pull up it’s socks in making our country a fair and equal community where no child is left out.