By Tara Hebbar and Diya Barmecha

Recently, Singapore Airlines, has openly considered and admitted to Straits Times that they might introduce the concept of “Flights to No-Where”. This was mean, a round about journey, that begins and ends on the same runway. Due to the pandemic many countries have not allowed tourists to visit or their own citizens to leave without a desperate reason. Being cooped up in the house people are desperate to travel and there is no better way than to be able to take a flight without having to book hotels or even exiting your own country. This journey can be easily compared to going for a long drive with no destination. They hope to launch this scheme by October, 2020. This might seem as though it is an awful idea by the airline has suffered a great deal of turmoil, this time not due to unaccounted turbulence in the air but the Covid-19 pandemic. In this following article, we’ll look over some of the advantages and disadvantages of the situation including our opinions. 

To start with the positive, this will not only bring the airline out from their current economic recession, but also give its customers a once in a lifetime opportunity. Imagine telling your friends and family that you’re on a flight only to return in a few hours and knock on their doorstep. This 3 hour or more experience can grant the flyers scenic pleasures from the sky. After missing dozens of travelling opportunities in the past year, we can surely say that some people, especially frequent flyers, are jumping at the idea of getting out of their house. Strolling through the airport, browsing through the duty free stores and even getting the thrill of travelling. People might even get late, just to feel that feeling once more. After being cooped up in their house for the past 6 months this experience has come like a gust of fresh and pure air to many. 

Additionally, in these months the company has faced a huge recession in their business model. In the recent past most companies had cut the salaries of several employees. Many companies even went to the extent of letting go of a majority of their employees. Singapore Airlines has come up with an unique and ingenious way to make up for lost time and money. Their ‘Flights to Nowhere’ will help them to climb up from the deep hole that has been dug by the pandemic. To make it even more glamorous and entice their customers further, this airline has added several more goodies to the equations, including, staycations at hotels, shopping vouchers at Jewel Changi Airport, and also a limousine ride! 

Looking at the flip side of this shiny coin, there are major environmentally harmful aspects that hitch a ride onto this plane. Flights not only eat up our precious resources, but they are also one of the leading causes of air pollution. It accounts for 2.5% of the world’s overall carbon dioxide emissions. Mother Nature has just gotten a breather from our punishments towards her, and now it seems as though we are trying to make up for that but frivolously misusing our resources. 

All in all, we considered a great business prospect but strongly disagree with it’s impacts on the environment.  With the evolution of technology, introducing electric cars, bikes etc, hopefully we can see an electric plane in the future so that this scheme can continue to prosper without harming any entities. In Singapore Airlines Opinion, “Desperate times, call for desperate measures”.

A collection of articles by the students of Ascend International School