By Anika Mahansaria and Tara Hebbar

Coronavirus has taken the world by storm, each day it changes something or the other. Now there are so many different age groups that have been affected in several different manners. With the old and young having to be extremely careful and the middle-ages having to worry about the smallest of things that could endanger others. In this article, we will be going through the entire situation from teenagers’ points of view. 

It is a very trying time for everyone, especially people who stay in joint families or have many siblings. You’d never think that you’d spend so much time with your family and your siblings driving you up the wall! Every single thing becomes a petty issue to fight about and them being your only social interaction is not the best of news! With school work, who uses which room becomes a big fight, with one person ending up outside their respective room. Shushes and screams are always around trying to stop the other from interrupting their zoom calls. This entire situation has been so chaotic but there are some good things that we can take back from this as well. Every day we see videos of nature reclaiming its rightful land and showing us what we have done to ruin it so. 

Quarantine is the absolute worst. Everyone is cooped up inside their houses and now only a single person is allowed to leave to get groceries. People want to go for walks and get fresh air, which now isn’t possible. Parents are keeping their kids at home, and the kids are getting extremely bored or annoyed. For some people, quarantine can be an amazing time to spend with families. 

On the other hand, many more people are getting tired. Zoom calls can be draining, not just for your laptop but also you. People are just sitting in front of their computers all day trying to figure out that extremely trying work issue, or helping a friend solve the hard maths questions. People, for good reasons, are taking immense measures to help avoid contracting disease. 

Everyone is facing one hardship or another. Parents and middle-aged people are facing the task of having to manage the house and food in this trying time. Even though essential services such as grocery stores are supposed to be open, it is very hard to find a venue that is stocked up on food and people aren’t fighting for the available resources. People are running out of food and delivery services aren’t able to meet the demands.

 For students, online school is the worst. Online school has done only one good thing, it has allowed us to appreciate the “real” school so much more. I don’t think that anyone wanted to go back to school this badly in a while!

Though it keeps us busy, online school is really hard. It’s for the main reason that when you’re sitting at home there are distractions galore. The fridge, the TV, your phone all call your name but you know that your teacher will not be very happy to see you do these things!

All you want to do is take a nap when your bed is so close but you have so many classes that require you to actually be awake! Even after 3 weeks, it’s hard to get used to it.

How are people spending their days? Well, most people are either on Netflix, trying to kill boredom the only way they know how to, or on House Party, trying to talk to their friends. 

Though this has been on for long enough it never seems to end, only get worse! Well, outdoors we really hope to see you again soon.

A collection of stories written by the students of Ascend International School!