by Aryana Ahuja

Celebrating 10 years as the Ascend Community is definitely a milestone! And we thank all the teachers and members of staff who have made this year possible, with COVID and returning back to school. 

As we are coming toward the end of this school year, what better way to wrap it up with 10 things you probably didn’t know about your teachers. It’s important to know what your teachers are interested in to get to know them better and to relate to them, to understand what they do in their free time.

Ms. Shweta Chandrapota (Design)

“I have practiced as an interior designer for more than 25 years and personally I have got a lot of feedback from lots of people saying that I am very good with smaller spaces” 

Mr. Rohan Sonar (Visual Arts)

“I am a singer and most people don’t know it!”

Ms. Maryse Saldanha (Music)

“I have 4 tattoos. But the interesting fact is that I got my first one when I was 10 years old”

Ms. Deboleena Sengupta (Language & Literature)

“I have lived in 18 houses, 8 cities, 5 countries, 3 continents”

Mr. Rhajiv Ratnatunga (Individuals & Societies, 7B homeroom)

“I have built 52 lego sets and am ranked very high in RuneScapes”

Ms. Anshu Rana (Integrated Sciences)

“Something that most people don’t know about is my love for gardening. I love to see plants growing and blooming. The moment I get time I get myself busy with plants that I have at home. I make manure for them using leftover peels of vegetables. I also spray them with neem oil to protect them from any diseases. I’m famous among my friends as ‘Plants Doctor’ and they often bring their plants to me or call me to see if their plants are doing fine. 🙂 I guide them on how they can make it better by suggesting the right amount of water and the right amount of sunlight exposure. I have inherited this from my mother who was also very passionate about gardening and we literally had a kitchen garden during my growing up years. Currently, I have grown some chikoo plants and lemon plants. I grow them from the seeds that are left once we eat them. I have given some lemon trees to my society garden and for the chikoo tree, I’m looking for a place where I can transfer it. 

My dream is to own land and grow a kitchen garden and devote my entire time to it, as I like to see things growing and blooming whether it’s plants or children!”

Ms. Judith Malgas (Mathematics, 8A homeroom)

“My favorite place is Istanbul, Turkey. I find it so interesting and amazing that when one sails on the Bosphorus Strait, that you are actually sailing on the continental boundary between Asia and Europe. I am also intrigued by its history and learning how the Byzantine emperors and Ottoman sultans constructed fortifications along its shores.”

Mr. Neville Bharucha (Drama)

“I have been to 30 concerts in my life!!!!!”

Mr. Lakshya (Hindi, 6B homeroom)

“I  am doing a variety of activities that keep me connected to my earth, nature and literature.

1. I have been an animal lover since my childhood and often I am concerned about the animals that make my living on the streets. I like to be a part of their special life. So I am always doing something for them. I want all the people to adopt foreign dogs as well as native breed dogs as a member of their family because they are also our natural breed and have life. Today, me and my family have 6 dogs at my house, whom I have adopted from the streets and have given them a house and I also make people aware about it and save their lives. 

2. To strengthen the national level I think we should connect ourselves with literature as well. That’s why I and my Rang Mandali called “Prasann”, through Theater Productions, are organizing a theater in education workshops in different types of schools and institutions by going amidst various plays and stories of Hindi literature today and giving our best support for their overall development. I think theater is the key to exploring your self and self confidence.  So far I have developed this idea among the children in the states of Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana.”

Ms. Radhika Naik (Integrated Sciences)

“I am a farmer, most people don’t know that”

Our teachers have done some incredible things and have so many interesting facts about themselves that we haven’t heard. A special thank you to all the teachers who participated in this, and shared this information with us, it is amazing getting to know them better. 

Aryana is very creative and loves photography, she is a passionate chef and baker. She spends her time working with friends on making new recipes. Writing is something she doesn't usually share with other people, but is excited for this all the same. She would like to discover the idea of student interviewing and would like to experiment with insider views on topics from her committee


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