by Diya Barmecha

This year has been a struggle in every way. Each person is fighting their own battles from finance problems to mental health problems. Since February of this year it has been estimated that over 140 million Indians have lost their jobs. Around 75% of these people were small labourers who had migrated from their village to metropolitan areas for work. This one of a kind virtual experience is being hosted in India for the first time. From anywhere in the world that you are, you can contribute!

There people are the ones who will benefit from Sunfeast’s Run As One. They plan on giving money to help them get out of financial crisis, health benefits and get a new job. Currently, people in the working class are struggling  to get a stable job and simultaneously keep their family safe. To be healthy now and earlier is a great difference. Earlier all that needed to be done is eat healthy and to exercise once in a while to be fit. However, during this pandemic you need to wear a mask constantly to sanitise and wash your hands. People working on an everyday basis also need to invest in a ppe kit to keep themselves safe. This situation has benefited people to get time to do what they want but there are some people who won’t get that time because  they are busy trying to keep themselves alive.

This initiative is powered by GiveIndia to help those in poverty. Their actions have impacted more than 7.5 million lives across India. Ashok Kumar the president of GiveIndia says. “We are super excited to be partnering with Procam International in a first-of-its-kind virtual event, encouraging individuals and organisations to participate and raise funds for an extremely pertinent cause – livelihoods.” Started on this 74th Independance day, this 30-day initiative aims to get 211,344 kms (The distance from Kashmir to Kanyakumari multiplied by the year of independence). This great distance will be achieved by the help of everyone in India and maybe beyond. They hope to get this distance and also help the livelihoods.

Our school has taken a step in the right direction and registered everyone eligible for this initiative (students from 6th grade and above). Starting from 3rd September those who want to participate, can help the Run As One campaign to get to their desired outcome. Even though people don’t participate, the school has gone to the means to educate everyone about this in the best possible way. We had a guest speaker, a former footballer and a dear friend to Ascend who was the core member of organising this event. As of 3rd September they have reached a total number of participants of 14,123 and a total number of kilometres run as 7,70,118. Just a little help on your part and their dream can be a reality. Just by pledging a certain amount of kilometres per week you can make a huge difference. From 1 kilometer to 100, you can pledge as you deem fit.

Ranging from Rs.99 – Rs.999, you can contribute in any way you can. Lets Run As One and help people get their Livelihoods back. 

For further details and to make an impact in many lives, visit the website:

Diya Barmecha is a current 11th-grader who loves to inspire. She loves to read and discover new genres of books. She enjoys reading news articles when they concern her interests. She hopes to find a medium of expression by the Ascent.