by Ira Gandhi

“An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” That is the dictionary definition of a sport nevertheless I am of the opinion that a sport is so much more, it is a pathway to joy and learning and creates bonds between players that last for lifetimes. It affects your real life communication and team building abilities, not to mention sports improve your health and are a great form of exercise. However this is not just my view point; the school team tryouts have been the primary subject of discussion this week. Both the anticipation and the excitement are contagious. Our school has always taken pride in its athletic programs, and after a difficult two years, the Ascends sports teams are back! 

Three sports teams—swimming, basketball, and football held tryouts. There were a girls’ and a boys’ under-14 and under-16 squad for each sport. There won’t be a basketball under-12 team this season. However, there are a boys’ and girls’ under-12 squad for both the football and swimming teams. The last week’s auditions were spaced out, with the basketball trials taking place on Monday and Tuesday. Boys’ football tryouts were on Monday in the morning, whereas girls’ were on Wednesday. Additionally, each had a joint tryout on Friday morning. The mornings and afternoons of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were allotted for swimming tryouts. The girl’s football team now has a roster of 15–16 players who are divided into age and skill groups. The boy’s team, on the other hand, have a much larger number of players. The basketball teams are generally based on age divisions, however, those that are chosen practice alongside children of the same gender but may be older/younger. A team of boys and girls over 13 and a team of children aged 8 to 12 were formed as a result of the swimming tryouts. Even though we are only beginning with three sports, I believe that a passion for any sport can be developed and become a point of joy for the school and a potential team could be formed. 

An anonymous 7th grade student part of the basketball team said “I think that looking at the way we had started at the beginning of the year, during tryouts and before, we were all less confident, but now we have become stronger and better players but not only that, we also have a team to fall back on and call our friends”. Being a student of the basketball team I can not only agree, but add to that statement further by talking about our strong training and fitness regime, which is  enforced strongly by the coaches to strengthen our weaknesses. 

To conclude, sports are a large part of life and entertainment, but playing a sport is a great opportunity to develop many skills and form connections. We hope that Ascends sports teams will make us proud in the coming season as we cheer them to victory.

A collection of articles by the students of Ascend International School