By Manavi Nag.

On May 5th 2018, twelve middle school students attended the 2nd annual middle school MUN at the American School of Bombay. An Model United Nations is a great experience to have as part of you’re middle school years and is one of Middle School’s most anticipated events. An MUN comes with an immense amount of preparation and takes a lot of courage. Schools from all over Mumbai attended this MUN and as Ascend’s first time attending the students wanted to make a mark. The UN is a global organization that nearly every country in earth is part of. The purpose of the UN (United Nations) is to resolve world issues like the Syrian conflict, climate change and nuclear weapons amongst many others. Each country sends a delegate to represent them. Ultimately there should be a solution for the issue discussed.

A highlight according to the participants of the MUN was when the UN General Secretary wished Ascend “good luck” and called us to be the future through an inspirational video. In the MUN there were three committees each focusing on different global issues. One committee focused on cybersecurity and weaponisation of drones. The second committee focused on ensuring access to affordable energy sources and sustainable development and natural disaster risk reduction. Finally, the third committee focused on organized crime and Environmental Migration. Participants are required to act as if the MUN is a real UN hence creating a solemn and serious atmosphere. Students created a one-minute thirty-second speech that had to be fully researched well and should be the main the setting stone. Another MUN participant Burhan Turra stated that “the process was exhilarating, but after I went up to speak, all my worries were gone”.

Later students had to create resolutions solving the problem that would be voted upon within the hold committee. Not only do the students learn all about the UN and get a feel of the UN but they learn so much about real life issues and are researched on the topic they studied. Ascend was good enough to have the only resolution in the organized crime and environmental migration committee passed on.

“The experience was definitely a great way to learn about the real world and how teenagers my age can genuinely change the future.” said Manavi Nag a participant of the MUN. Aaryan Gondal said that “the MUN was challenging and exhilarating. Working with new people was fun memorable.”

Overall the MUN is something that Ascend will continue to participate in and we hope that we inspired any new middle school students to participate in a thought changing learning experience like a MUN.

Manavi Nag is a the co-head and of the Ascent. She is in the 9th Grade and strives to use her voice for change. She likes spreading awareness and opinions through her articles to her community and the world. She enjoys writing articles, dancing and travelling. Manavi is extremely passionate about the Ascent and wants to use her voice for change in the world, as a teenage journalist living in the 21st century.