By Dea Mashru


ccording to the PACER’S National Bullying prevention Centre more than ever, one out of five students reports being bullied. Teasing is a part of every child’s life and growing up almost everyone experiences it at least once but when it becomes repetitive and more hurtful it turns into something known as bullying.


But what is bullying?

Oh, you know just when someone is put down, or teased in a fun and joking way. This term has become so common to us that it doesn’t even affect people a lot anymore. A lot of people do not realize that these things that they think are all fun and jokes hurt others making them lose their self-confidence and identity. They soon start wanting to mask their true identity and become someone who they aren’t. A lot of children are not able to speak up or talk to anyone about it, they are scared that they are going to be pushed down even more or are going to go unheard. This sometimes causes them to break down each and every day making them suffer from depression and many different issues. Bullying is such an issue that affects millions of kids every year and is something that just goes by as “growing up”. This is not correct and something that I personally am completely against. Not only across the world but our school as well suffers from such issues such as bullying.


Veda Rodewald and I are two 9th grade students who were very interested to find out how bullying affects our school. We wanted to figure out and help these children who are being affected day by day. Bullying is something we both have been through and something we would never want others to go through as well. To go more into depth and figure how terribly the issue affects our school we had sent out a google form to all the middle school students asking them a few questions on their definition of bullying and much more. The replies and results we got were very surprising and shocking and it was something we never expected. That just made us much more interested to learn about this issue. This topic is something that plays a huge role in our lives and we are very intrigued to know more. We have been doing a lot of research, reading many articles and combining our minds to come up with many different ideas to help this community. We already have suggested our ideas, come up with a plan and had plenty of conversation with Siya Aggarwal (Who is working with us) and teachers of the middle school community. Our teachers are very supportive and will be supervising and helping us through this project.


We have come up with many great ideas to help the children of our community, make them feel safe, happy and loved. To do that we will be creating an email address where the students of Ascend International’s middle school can write to us about their problems and issues they go through. These issues will never be brought up to anyone but the teacher if there is something that we are not able to handle. We also have a swear to secrecy which will help the children trust us knowing nothing will be spread and spoken about to anyone. We will be replying to them and helping them out by giving advice and our complete support. They are also more than welcome to come and talk to us if they are more comfortable with that. We have also come up with many ideas to have professional speakers come in to talk to the community on anti-bullying, on how to stay strong and be confident. Our first speaker. Ms Reshma Piramal will be coming in the month of October to help us and the community understand about anti-bullying. She is taking a course in Buddhist psychology and is also a parent at our school. We are still in the works of many different ideas to help this community become closer, happier and safer. We really hope to do so and help this community immensely.


If you have any question you could contact Siya Aggarwal, Veda Rodewald Or me.


-Dea Mashru


A collection of articles by the students of Ascend International School