By Ishnaa Goenka

On 19th Jan, the Ascend team celebrated sports day for one and for all, from the Half Days to the PP’s to the PYP and the MYP. Sports day is an extremely important and amazing annual event in which parents, teachers and students watch and compete. The event was truly a marvellous event where the Ascend community got together and competed. Events like these bring students together and bring alive the competitiveness of students. Events from 50 meters dash to relay runs and football games were played. The PYP students were all given medals of participation while the MYP had to work a little harder and only the top 3 were given prizes. Some of the MYP students also volunteered to help with the PPs and Half Days.

This year we had the parents race and some of the parents were extremely fast, whereas some simply fell. Some of the unusual games we had were the annual sack matches for MYP and the ball and spoon games for the PYP. Both games were more fun to watch than to play. This year we also had some very entertaining commentary by some of our teachers and students. And overall we had one of the best sports day events yet.

The video below shows some of the special moments of the event and some of the students talking about why sports day is important to them and their favourite games.



Ishnaa Goenka is an 8th grader, who’s biggest passion lies in filmmaking and other creative outlets like dance, fashion, and art. She has a keen eye for design and and she’s very passionate about global warming and feminism. She tends to be organized, enjoys learning new skills and pursuing a number of activities and hobbies. She loves traveling and meeting different people from various cultures and backgrounds.